To initiate people at a young age into the kitchen operations of preparing tasty, nutritious, vegetarian food in a way that this knowledge complements their healthy lifestyle in this fast paced modern world.
|| Summary ||                                           

Everybody likes to eat good and tasty food, possess good health and in the process lead a happy life.

Susamskruti assists young people acquire vegetarian culinary skills in order to self prepare “healthy and tasty” food in a limited time and in the process avoid health related issues which is a consequence of eating outside (example junk food ").

This unique concept is being promoted by Mrs. Lakshmi Shankar Iyer who is an expert cook having learnt her culinary skills from her grandmother right from her childhood days. As time passed on, she realized that people are basically shying away from traditional cooking which is extremely nutritious but is labour oriented and time consuming and so is shunned by the current generation.

Mrs. Lakshmi has re-engineered / modified the traditional nutritious cooking methods to cope with the fast paced modern world within acceptable time limits.
|| Birth of Susamskruti ||

This concept germinated primarily due to the following reasons:
Majority of ladies( currently) have not been taught the basic concepts of home cooking during their formative years (10 – 15 age group). With opportunities available away from home due to globalization they leave their respective homes in search of job opportunities in distant places where they are forced to eat outside due to lack of knowledge of simple cooking
Some people tend to try their hand in cooking, later lose heart and then end up having a maid cook for them or eat in a restaurant which again in most of the cases leads to health issues.
Many cases have been encountered when couples have got married and after the initial honeymoon period waning off, the issue of home made food pops up!!
It was realized that lack of knowledge of cooking results in couple’s strenuous relationships, deteriorating health and a strain in finances (in terms of eating outside) is concerned. The approximate ratio of the cost of home made food vs outside food for any given item is 1:3. This ratio if extrapolated over a period of six months to one year the amount of savings in this cost conscious and inflationary world is tremendous and substantial!!!
The transformation from joint family to nuclear family has triggered the reasons to learn cooking skills since there is no old lady at home to cook as was the case in a joint family earlier where the elderly lady in the house used to prepare food and passed on her cooking skills and her legacy to the generations down the line.