To initiate people at a young age into the kitchen operations of preparing tasty, nutritious, vegetarian food in a way that this knowledge complements their healthy lifestyle in this fast paced modern world.
|| Why Susamskruti..?? ||

It has been observed that in the late ‘80s and the ‘90s many of the women were not able to cook decent food for their families.

The reason for the same was primarily due to the lack of time, lack of intention to learn, lack of interest to teach from the parent’s side, overexposure to media and other glamour activities which completely camouflaged the basic skill of learning to cook. In contrast cooking skill was “Taken for Granted” or automatically inculcated as part of growing up in the ‘80s and before that!!!!

For example during the ‘90s computerization had taken significance and ladies were more keen on acquiring skills in operating computers at exorbitant costs. They found that spending time in the kitchen was relatively of no importance as compared to learn about computers.

At the same time parents also did not teach the cooking skills during the normal growing up period under the pretext that -----“She is too young to learn cooking which she can do later on.” But unfortunately the “later on” never came!!!!

Similarly in the case of boys the initiation into culinary skills almost never took place.

In short two decades have passed wherein simple aspects like cooking skills have been lost in the sands of time!!

The girls and boys in the age group of 10 – 15 years who are approximately in classes 6 – 9th Std in school are at an ideal age plat form to learn cooking . This target segment has been “zeroed” in on because the children in this age group do not have any prejudices and any whims and fancies of their own. They tend to learn what is been taught to them in an interesting way and things learnt in this age is remembered for a life time!!
In addition to the above, ladies in the age group of 20 – 24 years will also be targeted -
who are traveling abroad for higher studies
planning to get married / newly married
who are health conscious/cost conscious
It has been observed that there are classes available for baking Cakes and cookies, making Pizza, preparing Chocolates etc. Everyday people cannot have pizzas and chocolates!! . For day to day living the question of health comes into focus which is exactly our main objective in teaching simple Indian way of cooking at home.
Susamskruti teaches identifying ingredients, good quality vegetables, and different forms and shapes in which the vegetables need to be cut in order to have a tasty dish. For example with a simple vegetable like Potato (Aloo) different tastes can be generated in different dishes using potato depending upon how the potato is sliced or boiled and mashed.

Susamskruti’s philosophy is “Healthy food, Vibrant Life”

Members of the fairer sex have always been compassionate, emotional, loving and caring. This is quite evident right from the age group of 5 years till old age. Nature has bestowed on women “Love and Care” factor in abundance as compared to their male counterparts. And this “Love and Care factor plays a vital and major role in keeping relationships, families, friendships etc together over a lifetime. And food has been identified as one of the major bonding bridges in human relationships if prepared with “Love and Care”.

Susamskruti is not portraying cooking as a day to day monotonous chore but is enhancing the cooking process as something which is comforting, nurturing and bringing closeness, togetherness and love to the family table. It is also a systematic way of passing down family traditions from generation to generation in a way that bonding is cemented with a person who is learning.

In the current era, forcing ladies to prepare food in the kitchen is a farsighted thought. It is advisable and prudent that men also are well armed with this unique skill in order to cater to their own taste buds after marriage in the face of any adverse relationship issues with their life partner !!

In essence, the objective of Susamskruti is to ignite this “Love and Care” factor in the members of the younger generation or youth right from the nascent stage which unfortunately is being doused by the current fast happenings of the modern world.